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Vladimir Dumbrava, the artist who expresses his personality through his work.

You always see Vladimir carrying his photo equipment around. Still, it’s not the camera that counts, but the man behind it.

His photography emanates passion, mirrors his own feelings and visions, making his art a way of truly getting to know him, a way of sinking into his mind and soul.

He asserted mainly through his nude or semi nude art and dark photography, but he is eager to accept any challenges! His ingenuity and love for visual arts help him be perceptible to the details that make the difference.

And it’s not only the talent that makes him fit for this profession and nurtures his passion. He also achieved technical knowledge while studying the “George Enescu” Art University in Iasi, Faculty of Visual Arts and Design, Specialization – Design.

Working together with several models,Vladimir was also taught the “art” of patience. He understood better the notion of team work and how to “manage” different types of persons with different personalities. All these made him a better artist, a professional.

He goes heart and soul into his passion and the routine or difficulties that he encounters at photo shoots or in the process of editing don’t make him lose his spirit. On the contrary, they motivate him, making his work wonderful and worth admiring and following.